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Home and Furniture Installation Services

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Take on home projects with confidence

We make it easy to maintain your home by connecting you with the right pro

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How it works

We've partnered with Porch, a service that matches homeowners with reputable, local home improvement professionals to complete their home projects. Every Porch professional is bonded, licensed, and insured and backed by the Porch Guarantee.

Add installation or assembly before adding a Porch-eligible item to your cart.

Receive an email from Porch and setup your appointment.

Pay only after the project is completed to your satisfaction.

Porch Guarantee

Porch pros earn credentials for timely communication, quality of work, & whether they have completed a background check; So you can feel confident in making the right choice for your project.

Trusted Pros

We collect reviews and rankings from your neigbors & community to give you the information you need to decide which Pro to trust

Upfront Prices

With Porch, we don't want you to guess at prices, and we certainly don't want any surprises. Installation cost quoted is what you pay.

Unparalleled Quality

We hold our Pros accountable to providing a higher standard of quality work. If they don't meet these standards, they won't be given work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Porch?

  • We’ve partnered with Porch, the leading home services network, to offer the option and ease of installation and assembly services that you can reserve when you purchase applicable products.
  • Simply add Porch Home Installation Services to your cart, and you’ll receive a confirmation email from Porch within 24-48 hours. They’ll connect you with up to four Porch Professional to help you complete your project on your schedule.

How does Porch work?

  • Reservation is easy! If you’re in an area that Porch currently service, you’ll see the option to add installation or assembly services right on the product page of the item you’re purchasing. Just check the box and click Add to Cart. Then, purchase your product as usual.
  • Porch will contact you within 24-48 hours to finish your request.
  • Your local Porch professionals will work with you every step of the way to make sure your installation is worry-free
  • All Porch Professionals are bonded, licensed and insured and are backed by the Porch Guarantee – Your happiness is our first priority.
    1. Add the installation option to your cart for select products
    2. Receive an email from Porch and set up your appointment
    3. Pay only after the project is completed to your satisfaction*
  • * Estimate is subject to change and is based on average rates and duration of the project. Final payment will be due to the Porch professional upon completion.

What kind of information should I supply to my Porch professional?

  • Once your product purchase is complete you will receive an email with up to four Porch Professionals that can help you complete your project.
  • Looking for more information? Porch.com can provide the Professional's profile, pictures of their past projects and any available ratings or reviews to help you choose the Pro best for your project.
  • The Pros have also been notified of your project request and will get in touch with you to confirm scheduling and gather more details about your project.
  • Including as much detail as possible in your conversation will help your Pro give you an accurate estimate for the work required.
  • Good things to mention are dimensions or measurements of the item and the space where you'd like it to be installed, suggestions of materials that you think will help your Pro do their work better, and anything that may be unique about your project or your home.

How long does it take to receive information from Porch once I place my order?

You will receive a confirmation email from Porch within 24-48 hours. They will connect you with up to 4 Porch professionals to help you complete your project.

What should I do if I need to reschedule or cancel my Porch Project?

Please reach out to us at 1-877-3-BUY-BABY for further instructions.

Does Porch offer a satisfaction guarantee?

  • The Porch Guarantee gives you peace of mind for all your home improvement projects requested through Porch.
  • If property damage occurs as a direct result of the pro’s work on your original project requested through Porch, or a pro takes your deposit and does not complete any work, we will assist you in the process of recouping your loss.
  • Porch offers up to $1,000 to help with meeting your home insurance deductible, replacing damaged items or paying for legal fees if you pursue the pro in court.

How much do projects typically cost?

  • All Porch quotes are free. When purchasing items Porch installation is offered on, an estimate* will appear.
  • Once you request a quote, the certified professionals will reach out to you with their individual quotes.
  • Please note: If you decline Porch services during your appointment, charges may be assessed at the discretion of Porch professional.

* Price estimate is subject to change and is based on average rates and duration of project. Final payment will be due upon completion of work.

How do I pay for my Porch project?

  • Payment is made directly to your Pro after the work is complete.
  • Please note: If you decline Porch services during your appointment, charges may be assessed at the discretion of Porch professional.

What kind of projects can Porch help me with?

  • Porch Home Installation Services are available with the purchase of select lighting, furniture, and plumbing products and can cover a wide range of services from minor installation and assembly projects to large scale remodeling and renovation.
  • Some of the projects that they can help with are Window Treatment Installation, Furniture Assembly, Bath Hardware Installation, Lighting Installation, Home Improvement Services, Wall Art Hanging, Baby Proofing, Painting, Plumbing, Electrical and more!
  • Just look for the option to add Installation Services on the product page.

Are Porch Professionals available in all areas?

  • There are over 3 million Porch Professionals available nationwide.
  • If there is not a professional that can assist with your project, you will be informed during checkout.

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